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Plot in far southwest corner of parking lot, contains fire hydrant.

Updated August 08, 2017 22:52
Featured Plant blue-eyed mary
Latitude 44.04308
Longitude 121.33377
Elevation 3686.0 ft.
Area 323.0 sq. ft.
Aspect flat
Origin nursery
Inoculated? Yes
Initial planting date Spring 2017
Initial succession primary

Featured Plant: blue-eyed mary


Photo of blue-eyed mary (Collinsia parviflora)

Collinsia parviflora

Herbaceous annual; single-stem or branching; up to 40cm tall but often much shorter on campus; leaves opposite, linear, glabrous, and entire; flowers bilabiate, blue lower lip and whitish-pink upper lip.

Giblin, David. 2017. WTU Herbarium Image Collection - Burke Museum. University of Washington. Accessed 4 June 2017. Species=parviflora

Habitat Type Tolerance Invasive?
Vernally (springtime) moist areas, often under forest canopy. Partial sun No