Plot #3


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NW corner of parking lot, between lot and pedestrian ramp.

Updated August 08, 2017 22:43
Featured Plant Ross sedge
Latitude 44.04321
Longitude 121.33386
Elevation 3684.0 ft.
Area 767.0 sq. ft.
Aspect north facing
Origin nursery
Inoculated? Yes
Initial planting date Spring 2017
Initial succession primary

Featured Plant: Ross sedge


Photo of Ross sedge (Carex rossii)

Carex rossii

Tufted grass-like clusters, 10 - 30 cm tall. Leaves firm and narrow; 1 - 2.5 mm wide. Decadent leaves very light in color and curl heavily. Male spikes form at top of stem with 2 - 3 female spikes below it.

Habitat Type Tolerance Invasive?
Drier open forests; thrives in gravelly, disturbed areas. Partial sun No