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Northeast corner of the Dining Hall.

Updated August 08, 2017 23:00
Featured Plant woodland strawberry
Latitude 44.04281
Longitude 121.33292
Elevation 3690.0 ft.
Area 4851.0 sq. ft.
Aspect flat
Origin nursery
Inoculated? Yes
Initial planting date Spring 2017
Initial succession primary

Featured Plant: woodland strawberry


Photo of woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca)

Fragaria vesca

Herbaceous perennial; highly stoloniferous. Leaves trifolate, elliptic to obovate, with rounded serrations, paler below. Flowers saucer-shaped, 5-petaled, white-pinkish. Fruits born if sunlight and nutrients are sufficient; generally <1cm broad.

Giblin, David. 2017. WTU Herbarium Image Collection - Burke Museum. University of Washington. Accessed 4 June 2017. Species=vesca

Habitat Type Tolerance Invasive?
Moist forest floors, riparian areas, meadows across North America. Partial sun No