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Updated February 19, 2019 22:19
Featured Plant tailcup lupine
Latitude 44.04325
Longitude 121.33424
Elevation 3699.0 ft.
Area 6189.0 sq. ft.
Aspect north facing
Origin seed
Inoculated? No
Initial planting date Spring 2017
Initial succession primary

Featured Plant: tailcup lupine


Photo of tailcup lupine (Lupinus caudatus)

Lupinus caudatus

Perennial herb and forb, part of the Fabacea or pea family. Leaves arranged in palmately compound star-shaped leaflets. Pale purple cup shaped flowers on erect stems. This is an important wildflower for native bumblebees.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Learning Center.

Habitat Type Tolerance Invasive?
Shrub-steppe habitats in dry areas in the western United States Full to partial sunlight No