Purple sage


Photo of purple sage (Salvia dorrii)

Salvia dorrii

Upright to spreading woody shrub; 20-80cm tall. Leaves simple; silvery-gray; oblanceolate; 1.5-3cm long. Flowers bracteate verticels terminating many branches; bracts reddish-purple; 7-12mm long.

Knoke, Don, and David Giblin. 2017. WTU Herbarium Image Collection - Burke Museum. University of Washington. Accessed 8 June 2017. http://biology.burke.washington.edu/herbarium/imagecollection.php?Genus=Salvia&Species=dorrii

Habitat Type Tolerance Invasive?
sagebrush steppe, chaparral, and pinyon-juniper woodlands west of the Rocky Mountains. Full sun No