Bluebunch wheatgrass


Photo of Bluebunch wheatgrass (Pseudoroegneria spicatum)

Pseudoroegneria spicatum

Perennial bunchgrass, often highly cespitose (bunching); up to 1m tall. Leaf blades glabrous, erect, flat or involute, 5-25cm long; ligules rounded. Inflorescence a slender spike, 6-15cm long; single spikelet per node, appressed to the stem; lemmas acute, generally awnless but sometimes awned.

Stubbendieck, James L, Stephan L Hatch, L. M Landholt, and James L Stubbendieck. 2004. North American Wildland Plants. 1st ed. Lincoln, Neb.: University of Nebraska Press.

Habitat Type Tolerance Invasive?
Plains, slopes, canyons, and open woods across western North America Full to partial sun; often north-facing slopes. No